Navigating the new school environment – The journey to school

About this resource

How parents and carers can support the primary-secondary transition

Here, you will find a homework task to do with your child as they prepare for their secondary school transition. We hope that you learn something new as well while you work together with your young person.

This task can be completed over a week. It is aimed to support your child developing independence, confidence, inquiry, and their problem-solving skills to determine how they (with you) will manage this change to their routine and possibly your routine as well.

We encourage parents and carers to complete these tasks, where possible, with your child(ren).

What have students learned already?

In class, teachers have worked with students to discuss the way in which they travel to school, and how this may change when they go to secondary school. Students with brothers and sister already in secondary school will have an advantage with this activity.

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