Research & Design

Guide to Thrive was informed by extensive ACER research including a literature review and environmental scan of current primary-to-secondary school transition resources available across Australia.

In 2021, ACER also carried out a qualitative study involving 444 students from 15 schools across regional, rural and metropolitan Australia. It was the largest Australian qualitative study to capture student voices in relation to school transition.

The Student Forums were designed to talk to a diverse range of young people and hear about their challenges and concerns during primary to secondary school transition stages. Students told us they need more help managing academic expectations, the new school environment, and the social-emotional aspects of transitioning to secondary school.

This student voice is embedded in the suite of resources developed by Life Ed. Guide to Thrive provides teachers with the tools to support their students make a successful, healthy, socially and behaviourally positive transition from primary to secondary school.

If you are a teacher or educator and want a more comprehensive look at the development and design of the Program, click here – Guide to Thrive - Program Overview (PDF, 9.31 MB)

The full research report can be accessed here  What Australian students say about transition to secondary school:  Final Report.

The Literature Review can be accessed here Best practice principles in the design and delivery of digital resources for teachers (PDF, 2.37 MB).