Educators, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Video Producers, Animation Artists, Audio and IT specialists, emagined was commissioned to deliver the resources in a creative and interactive way for audiences to explore, learn and share.
emagined Director: Carolyn Hammer
Executive Assistant: Gemma El Kazzi
Project Manager: Emily Murphy-O’Neill

Creative Producer: Carolyn Hammer
Website Development: Jhuny Boy Borja
Illustration/Animation: Andrea Innocent
Graphic Design: Sarah Lamond

Content development and piloting
Australian Council for Educational Research: Petra Lietz, Shani Sniedze, Marc Kralj, Anna Dabrowski, Toby Carslake
28 practicing teachers representing 15 Australian schools, and 19 parents and carers representing 13 Australian schools across 2 states

Producer: emagined
Director: Kat Shearer
​Creative Technical Director: Andrew Piper
Cinematographer/Editor: Andrew Piper 
Camera Assistant: Simon de Lorm
Talent Agency: T&E Management
Illustration/Animation: Andrea Innocent
Graphics: Will Harvey-Jones
Filmed at Brazen Lot Studios, NSW
Off-site locations at Annandale and Newtown, NSW
Music: Royalty Free - Soundstripe

Change and Uncertainty - Presenter – Deeana Cheong Foo
Bullying Conversations - Presenters – Ollie Bailey-O’Reilly and Odessa Hamilton
Making New Friends - Presenters - Fletcher Kennedy and Deeana Cheong Foo
Parent Overview - Presenter – Mia Honeysett
Parent Checklist - Presenters – Joel Bishop and Zoe Zantey
Extra-Curricular Activities - Presenter – Luc Barrett 
New School Environment - Presenter – Mia Honeysett

Parent/carer Interviewing Child and Child Interviewing Parent/carer were filmed by real parents and carers and their young people.

Parents and carers interviewing young person
Student 1: Dash Tietzel
Parent/carer 1: Lea Riley
Student 2: Patrick Harvey 
Parent/carer 2: Rachel Thompson
Student 3: Ella Strong
Parent/carer 3: Cheryl Strong
Student 4: Jom Spencer
Parent/carer 4: Bill Spencer
Student 5: Lachlan Strong
Parent/carer 6: Lee McIver
Student 6: Zahra Hammer McIver

Young person interviewing parent/carer
Student 1: Patrick Harvey 
Parent/carer 1: Rachel Thompson
Student 2: Jom Spencer
Parent/carer 2: Bill Spencer
Student 3: Lachlan Strong
Parent/carer 3: Cheryl Strong
Student 4: Dash Tietzel
Parent/carer 4: Lea Riley
Student 5: Zahra Hammer McIver
Parent/carer 5: Lee McIver
Student 6: Ella Strong