What causes me distress?

Optional task – Talking about stress

By talking about stress, we can become aware that everyone has different needs, nobody is the same, and it is important that we talk about our needs, rather than guess what other people want and need.

Todd and Elodie

This is particularly important when we are friends with people of different abilities, ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, languages, and interests.

  1. Assemble students together and hand out a piece of paper to each person.
  2. Have everyone write their names on top of their paper and then add these discussion questions.
    • When I’m stressed, I need my teacher/parent/carer/friends to do the following… {fill your answer in}
    • When I’m stressed, my parent/carer/friends should NOT do… {fill your answer in}
  3. Discuss the responses.

What have you learnt about what we each need?

Is it the same, or very different?

What can we do to find out more about how to support each other during times of stress?