Whole group discussion

What makes us special?

Understanding what makes us special is the basis to making new friends when we change schools, or just when our interests and values shift. But sometimes feeling 'different' can make us not want to be honest about who we are. Feeling different can also impact our self-esteem.

Tell students to watch the video focused on self-confidence, self-reflection, and making new friendships.

Small group task

Have students get into pairs. Where possible, try to encourage students of different genders/ different ability levels/language/cultural/religious backgrounds to work together, to learn about and reflect on their own experiences.

Teachers are best positioned to be aware of sensitivities within the class and to modify as appropriate.
Ask students to think about what they saw in the video. How do the people in the video talk about themselves, and what makes them special?

  • Encourage students to discuss their reactions to the video.
  • Encourage students to share their own experiences of making new friends.
  • Now, have students work together to develop a set of interview questions that will be used as a follow up activity, when they can conduct their own interview.
  • Have students ask questions that focus on getting to know someone, but also sharing the things they like to do and are proud of.
  • Depending on access to resources, students could make the interview in class, or at home with a parent, carer or sibling.

Whole group discussion and feedback

Ask students to share the questions they have developed.

Encourage students to think about what makes them special. Encourage students to talk about or watch the video again with their parents and carers or siblings.

Consider whether students should make their own interview in class or at home. If at home, set as homework.

Life Ed has created a homework book: