Understanding school transition

Understanding school transition

About this resource

School transitions are complex – they can be influenced by a students’ personality as well as by their family, friends, school, neighbourhoods, and broader communities. Explore navigating change, choosing a school, conversations and questions to ask your young person. 

You can download the classroom activities in the Attachments as well as work through the learnings in the following pages. The activities have been divided into targeted Year 6 and Year 7 downloads as well as having printable, low ink options of each activity.

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  • Activities can be adapted according to teachers’ preferences and the needs of their students. Downloadable activities are in Word, PDF or PowerPoint so that you can edit them for your own needs.

Teachers may also consider how they want students to “keep” the activities they do in class, so they have them for reference at a later stage (at their secondary school or for future wellbeing reference).